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 This registry was started in order to provide the competition hunter a venue to hunt for cash and other prizes in a full elimination format.  Our goal is to have the clearest set of rules in the competition squirrel hunting sport. The USDC held it's inaugural meeting on July 28, 2012 in Knoxville, TN. The charter members selected officers and BOD, approved bylaws, hunt rules, and confirmed hunt dates. All state and world hunts will be full elimination. The USDC is open to all breeds of dogs. We're not just for the "hardcore" competition hunter, in fact, due to the more clearly written rules, the USDC is a great place for the beginning competition hunter. The great thing about a full elimination hunt is that the winner is determined in the woods.
If you would like to be part of the USDC use the Register Dog/Member tab. You can register at any USDC hunt, but some USDC hunts have a limited number of openings. Contact the Host Club in advance. Hunt information can be found by using the Online Hunt Forum tab.
Annual membership in the USDC will be $20.  
Membership will run from March to March and $15 to register a dog.
If you would like to join our online forum, use the Contact Tab and send a user name and password.

    For list of upcoming USDC Hunts use the link below: 

      2022-2023 HUNTS

     2022-2023 USDC World Champion

             Knock Out Spring
           Owner: Glenn Rogers

     2021 USDC World Champion
   2022 and 2023 Dog of the Year

          Fowler Creek Jade
           Owners: Jeff Eiland and Norman

               2020 USDC
            World Champion


             Big Creek Woody Owner Mikel Perkins

          2019 USDC

      World C




                 Owners Josh Perkins and Mikel Perkins

            2019 USDC

             Final Cast

1. Pleasant Home Pearl owners Josh Perkins and Mikel Perkins

2. Lick Creek Easy Hooker owners Jonathan Mitchell and Travis Strickland

3. Team Xtreme 20/20 Image owners Joey Poston and Shane Stephenson 

        2018 - 2019

  USDC Dog of the Year 


                  Team Xtreme's Bossman

       Owners Joey Poston and Shane Stephenson


     2018 World Champion

      Jamming Skeeter Owners

 Tony Walters and Doyle Sherman


   2018 Reserve World Champion


    20/20 Razor Sharp Owners

  Jeff Eiland and Norman Eiland



2017 World Champion


            Big Creek Woody
         Owner Mikel Perkins

    2017 Res. World Champion 


       Big Creek Cruz Owners Perkins/Perkins

2016 USDC World Champion



   2016 USDC World Champion Big Creek Woody 

                              Owner Mikel Perkins

             2015 Dog of the Year


M&W McAndrews Lilly owner Dean Wright and Steve McAndrews


  2014 USDC World Champion


                         Dynamite Dinah

   Owner Chris Gilmer, Handler Isiah Hensley


      2014 USDC World Final Cast 

Reserve World Champ Ray's Rip Tide, Eric Lowe
World Champion, Dynamite Dinah, Owner Chris Gilmer
Handler Isiah Hensley
Third Johnny Rocket, Norman and Jeff Eiland

      2014 Dog of the Year

                        Good Golly Ms. Molly
        Owners Marty Muns and Doyle Sherman










 2022-2023 JR World Champion


  2020 - 2021 Dog of the Year


                Next Level Action Jackson

               Owners: Tim Willis and Anthony Morris


2017-2018 Dog of the Year


            Big Creek Cruz Owners 

    Jon Perkins and Mikel Perkins

2016-2017 Dog of the Year

       Big Creek Woody owner Mikel Perkins

2015-2016 Dog of the Year


       Next Level Mattie Ice

                   Tim Willis and Greg Maynard


  2015 USDC World Champion


     Looney's 20/20 Hummer

         Owners Greg Maynard and Brian Looney

                               $4,000 Cash


 2015 USDC Res World Champion 


            Big Creek Woody

                           owner Mike Perkin

                               $2,000 Cash




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