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            2017-2018 DOY

    Big Creek Cruz Owners
Jon Perkins and Mikel Perkins


For Dog of the YEAR
 2017-2018 DOY RACE


Use the link below for more detail: Doy20172018.pdf


 2017-2018 USDC Hunts

      The final cast at All State Hunts and all 
         cast winners from Blue Ribbon Hunts, 
       qualifies for the 2017-2018 USDC World Hunt. 

  New Holland Ohio State BR Hunt

     1. Big Creek Cruz  (Split)
      1. 20/20 Big Show Amigo  (Split)
      3. Piper
      4. Next Level Blackout
      5. County Line Sue

   Kentucky State BR Hunt

      1. Wildfires Gold Tooth
      1. 20/20 Big Jim
      1. Jamming Demon
      4. Big Creek Cruz
      5. Cash's Big Bubba
      6. Next Level Gman

  Ohio Black Friday Classic

    1.  Big Creek Woody
    2.  Next Level Blackout

  Ohio Pro Hunt Day 1

    1. Next Level Blackout 
    2. Big Creek Cruz
    3. 20/20 Slick

  Ohio Pro Hunt Day 2

    1.  Big Creek Cruz
    2.  Next Level G-Man
    3.  Next Level Total Chaos

  USDC Little World Hunt

    1. Lick Creek Easy Hooker
   2. Next Level Black Out
   3. Sipsey Swamp Outlaw
   4. Sipsey Swamp Magnum
   5. Next Level 2020 Festus
   6. Stylish Hannah
   7. Looney's 20/20 Pepper

  Indiana State BR Hunt

   1. Big Creek Cruz
   2. Pleasant Home Hank
   3. 20k Kate 

  JP Tenn. Pro Day One Hunt

   1. Porcupine Mt. Bud
   2. High Company Lawman

  JP Tenn. Pro Day Two Hunt

   1. High Company Lawman

   JP Tenn. Invitational Hunt

     1. Big Creek Cruz
    2. Ferrell's Josie
    3. Next Level Black Out

    South Carolina BR Hunt

    1. Late Nite Annie

    Georgia State BR Hunt

     1. Stover Creek Jacy
    2. Next Level Rukus

    Palmetto State Classic BR Hunt

      1. Jamming Skeeter
     2. Outer Banks Chaos
     3. Nichol's High Speed June 

    Mississippi BR State Championship

       1. 20/20 Big Show Amigo
     2. Porcupine Mt. Bud
     3. Next Level Black Out
     4. Outer Banks Chaos
     5. Jamming Sheeter
     6. Lick Creek Easy Hooker
     7. Next Level G-Man
     8. Jamming Demon
     9. Morelock's Scooter



    2018 USDC World Hunt





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