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   2013 - 2014 Dog of the Year


      Good Golly Ms. Molly


     Good Golly Ms Molly            $1,591.90
     Cajun Katie                            $862.20
     Sniper's Big Play Ray            $603.00
     Souped Up Cecil                    $567.00
     Jammin Jesse                       $486.00
     Bolinger's Little Anna          $435.60
    Hick's 20/20 Kate                 $217.80
    Code Red (Zip)                      $188.10
    Gunter's Rapid Fire Ruger    $188.10
    Big Bad John                           $180.00
    Sniper's Raging Thunder      $162.00
    Slam Jam Knockin Mags       $81.00


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 2013-2014 USDC Hunts

      The Top 3 Dogs at All State Hunts qualify
           for the 2014 USDC World Hunt. 

   Alabama State Championship

    1.  Jammin Jesse
    2.  Souped Up Cecil
    3.  Slam Jam Knockin Mags

   Ohio State Championship

    1.  Good Golly Ms Molly
    2.  Souped Up Cecil
    3.  Raging Thunder

   Kentucky State Championship

     1.  Bolinger's Little Anna
     2.  Hick's 20/20 Kate

   North Carolina Championship

     1.  Good Golly Ms. Molly
     2.  Gunter's Rapid Fire Ruger

   South Carolina Championship

     1.  Cajun Katie
     2.  Code Red (Zip)

   Indiana State Championship

     1. Good Golly Ms. Molly
     2. Sniper's Big Play Ray 
     3. Souped Up Cecil 

   Tennessee State Championship

     1. Sniper's Big Play Ray
     2. Big Bad John 

   Mississippi State Championship

     1. Cajun Katie 
     2. Good Golly Ms. Molly
     3. Sniper's Raging Thunder 

   USDC World Hunt

     1. Dynamite Dinah
     2. Ray's Rip Tide
     3. Johnny Rocket
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