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   2015 - 2016 Dog of the Year


 Jukebox IPOD                               $520.00

 Next Level Mattie Ice                  $514.80

 M&W McAndrews Lilly                  $460.00

 M&W McAndrews Reba                $411.40
 Good Golly Ms. Molly                   $336.60
 Foggy Mt Girl                               $198.00
 Code Red Zip                               $168.30
 Last Chance Lucy                       $132.00
 Hank                                            $108.00
Slam Jam Knockin Mags               $18.00


 2015-2016 USDC Hunts

      The final cast at All State Hunts and all 
         cast winners from Blue Ribbon Hunts, 
       qualifies for the 2015 USDC World Hunt. 

  Ohio State Blue Ribbon Qualifier

    1. Jukebox IPOD
     2. M&W McAndrews' Lilly
    Cast Winners: Jamming Skeeter, Alias Frisco Kid,
                        Alias Scout Sniper

  Iowa State Championship

    1. M&W McAndrews' Lilly
     2. M&W McAndrews' Reba

  Ohio Fall Classic Championship

    1. Next Level Mattie Ice
     2. M&W McAndrews' Reba
      Cast Winners: Powers 20/20 Raven,
               Gills Oil Creek Rage,Jamming Laser,
                     Looney's 20/20 Jax,    

   Missouri State Championship

    1.  Hank
     2.  M&W McAndrews' Reba
     3.  Slam Jam Knockin Mags

   Kentucky State Championship

     1.  Foggy Mt Girl

     2. Last Chance Lucy


  North Carolina State Championship

   1. Good Golly Ms Molly
    2. Code Red Zip   



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